Professional Goals for 2017 🏅

It's really important to create and set meaningful goals for yourself, both personally and professionally. I haven't been great at keeping up with my goals, but I'm starting to really appreciate how crucial they are for me, so I'm recording them here as a motivator to myself!

  1. Write More: This is a big goal for me. I've had a love/hate relationship with writing for most of my life. I like writing in theory, but I've always struggled to get my thoughts onto paper (or, uh, on screen). As I delve deeper into my UX career, I realize that writing is so, so important. It's important to know how to effectively communicate something complicated (like an app or a product feature) to a client, and it's important to learn how to write for your product's audience. Even if I'm not the final copywriter for my product, I need to "design" the intention behind the copy. So I plan to crank out blog posts more frequently, write copy for my products as often as possible, and I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this year (which is more of a personal goal, but hey!).
  2. Learn Interaction Design: I'm confident in my strategy and visual design skills, but I need to round out my IXD skills. An app's interactions can make it feel either sharp or sloppy, professional or amateur. I'm currently learning Principle and After Effects. If you have any good resources for IXD, put them in the comments!
  3. Speak More: When I was in high school I participated in competitive speech and acting tournaments (I was very cool), so I'm really comfortable speaking in front of large audiences. I think it would be really beneficial for my career and my professional network to speak more at design schools, design events, and maybe even a conference. I'm hoping I can use the content I develop on my blog as a starting point for topics.

And those are my goals! If you have your own professional goals, or have any resources to help me reach mine, leave a comment! ✌🏻