For Fun: Goodreads Redesign Pt. 1

I love to read, but after graduating college I found it really difficult to maintain a regular reading habit. A friend recommended Goodreads to me, and after joining, I noticed that I read books far more regularly and at a much quicker pace. I use the Goodreads app a lot, and I wanted to take some of my free time and rethink the app's flow and design. Since I'm only designing this just for fun, I'm only using my own use cases for reference. I primarily use the app to 1. update my progress on the book I'm currently reading 2. look up reviews for books I'm considering purchasing while I'm in store and 3. save books to my "Want to Read" shelf, so I won't forget about them.

Current App Flow

When you open the app, your immediately shown your feed, which lists recommended books, and your friends' activites, which include what they're currently reading, what they want to read, and what they've reviewed. You can tap the menu at the bottom and view your books, which include everything you're reading, want to read and have read. You can also tap the search and barcode tabs, which allow you to search by ISBN, author name and book title. For me, the app's current set up is a little funky, and I have to think for a second about what tab I need to open.

Things I Want to Improve

I want to make the flow more intuitive and seamless, decreasing the user's need to "think." I want to place more importance on my books and the search feature, rather than the social aspect. I want to make it easy to view and read reviews, especially reviews made by my friends. And I'd like to update the design to something more modern, but something that still respects the vibe of a library.

Overall I'm pretty excited about redesigning an app just for fun! I'll post my sketches and flow ideas in my next post, and probably include some visual moodboards. ✌🏻